Curry: Sink a Three, Let It Be

Published on 15-May-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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Curry: Sink a Three, Let It Be

It's safe to say that Dell Curry's oldest kid has become a phenomenon.

He's currently in the process of launching bombs and breaking ankles against the Memphis Grizzlies, trying to advance to the Western Conference finals.

And doing a decent job of it, too.

It's a sign of the NBA times -- and of Curry's success -- that he went 0-3 from inside the arc.

At any rec center or ball yard these days, and a frequent sight is dudes of all shapes and sizes firing up shots from the next area code. They may not have anything else in common with Curry, but they identify with him on this trait alone. Well, that and the fact that he's not 7-foot-something and gets to breathe all the good air first.

So it's no surprise he's more popular than James.

Won't catch him saying it, though. He knows from history what self-comparisons can do.

Ironic, isn't it, that the ones who really trivialize the religious message never realize the shallowness of their actions? And if history's proved anything, it's that this irrationality isn't confined to one faith.

In contrast, the much more enlightened Beatles would never mind one of their tunes winding up in a parody, like the one Warrior fans Emerson Hoff and Craig Kind produced as a tribute to Curry:

Well done, dudes. Stay cool. Like Curry.