Cuban's Hate of the Heat Still Runs Deep

Published on 13-Jan-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Cuban's Hate of the Heat Still Runs Deep

Mark Cuban may be a well-liked owner by his own players, but if you asked opposing players what they think about the flamboyant Dallas Mavericks owner, you'd probably hear a different story.

Cuban has not exactly bitten his tongue over the years when it comes to voicing his opinion about the NBA and its players.

Despite the fact his team defeated the Miami Heat in the NBA Championship in King James's first year with the team, Cuban is still holding a grudge.

“Hate’s a strong word, but it’s probably not strong enough,” Cuban said of how he feels about the Heat.

“It’s not the individual players at all,” he continued. “It’s just the whole representation of 2006 still sticks with me.”

Mark it's 2014. It's time to get over it and move on. Hating the Heat is so 2006. Even Cleveland fans have moved past hating Lebron.

OK, maybe not. But still, I think most of the NBA has gotten over hating the Heat.

They've won two NBA championships now and the little 'dynasty' they've built is probably about to come to an end, anyway. The Indiana Pacers are well capable of dethroning them, which would make them the new team to hate.

More than likely, Cuban will join the rest of the NBA, fighting for the services of Lebron and Dwayne Wade when their current contracts conclude. My guess is he'll by over his hatred by then.

But for now, do us all a favor, Mark. shut up and move on.