Jang, Gore Each Hit Golf's Rarest Shot on the Same Day

Published on 31-Jan-2016 by Alan Adamsson
Golf / Golf Daily Review

This is supposed to be more majestic than two eagles?

Some call it an albatross, but double eagle  sounds so much more studly.

Even when a chick hits it.

Having said that, who the hell at the LPGA's Bahamas Classic thought a 250-yard hole should be a par 3? Even Instagram heroines can manage that distance these days.

So the time was ripe for Ha Na Jang to become the first female in the tour's history to do this:

Usually, double eagles are reserved for spot-on fairway shots on par 5 holes.

Which is where Jason Gore did his bit during today's third-round play in the Farmer's Insurance Open at Torrey Pines:

In spite of this unusual same-day double, these shots are actually rarer than holes-in-one.

Well, 250-yard par 3's, to start.

But that's not Jang's fault. Besides, a hole-in's a hole-in.

So full marks to her, as well as to Gore, who noted this was a first in his golfing life, too.

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