French Open Officials Announce Puritanical Dress Code Policy Changes

Published on 25-Aug-2018 by Raoul Duke

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French Open Officials Announce Puritanical Dress Code Policy Changes

Serena Williams has run a virtual gauntlet over the past year or so, both personally and professionally.

But while she attempts a return to championship form, the French Open has decided to screw with her for no clear reason.

This uptight gaggle of prudes has announced a change in their dress code policy for the 2019 French Open.

Specifically, French Tennis Federation czar Bernard Giudicelli called out Serena, deeming her black catsuit from the 2018 French Open to be unacceptable.


No, it really isn't.

The explanation was murky at best, with Giudicelli actually saying out loud that outfits had gone too far and then flat-out saying that the catsuit was somehow disrespectful to their precious tennis venue.


Here's the thing though.

The 23-time Grand Slam singles winner was wearing the outfit primarily to treat blood clots that had manifested after giving birth.


Serena was questioned about this nonsense during a press conference and took the high road when discussing the situation.


However, we know the truth.

Bernard Giudicelli is, in fact, a dick.

Even the Swoosh agrees with this sentiment, as they quickly came to the rescue.


Right the hell on.


Serena wasn't going to wear the legendary catsuit again anyway, so that makes Giudicelli look extra silly.

Take a pill, dude.

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