Manchester United Open the Season with a Bold Statement

Published on 18-Aug-2017 by srijan213

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Manchester United Open the Season with a Bold Statement

For a team that's been mocked for finishing sixth in recent seasons, the Red Devils' opening day performance sent a distinct message.

Manchester United hosted West Ham United's young academy specialists and scorched their collective patootie with a 4-0 blitzing.

This wasn't just a win for United, it was a warning to all opposition watching.

Because this performance looks sustainable, that's why.

Start with big-money signing Romelu Lukaku, who opened the massacre complements of a powerful left foot:

That was for starters.

Lukaku went up top for his encore, which for all intents and purposes, pounded the Hammers into submission.

Teenager Anthony Martial was impressive in his pre-season performances, and he's brought that same form into the season:

Dude's already fulfilling the promise he's shown to precipitate his signing.

Paul Pogba has been criticized often since joining the Red Devils, but this strike may silence the critics for at least a while:

Talk about opening day dreams!