Mané's the Man for Liverpool

Published on 11-Feb-2017 by srijan213

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Mané's the Man for Liverpool

Sadio Mané proved yet again that the hassle for his signature was worth it.

Liverpool hosted the Premiership's current runner-up, Tottenham Hotspur, in a Saturday night classic and came through to the tune of 2-0 to keep their title hopes alive.

The clash of Premiership’s big boys is always a delight to watch. Even more when the chase to catch Chesea and/or earn a place in Europe is as tight as ever.

Premiership standings

Mané has proven his quality time and again and kept it going when he bulleted one into the Hotspurs’ net.

Liverpool is back to their counterattacks. Seems like they always need one or two disappointing losses to play this way. Strange.

Meanwhile, what do Spurs' back four do all week in practice?

But those dudes are nothing if not consistent.

Unfortunately for them, so is Mané:

After the January from hell, the 'Pool lives to fight another day.