The Sergei Bobrovsky Traveling Circus Comes to Boston

Published on 28-Apr-2019 by Raoul Duke

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The Sergei Bobrovsky Traveling Circus Comes to Boston

The Columbus Blue Jackets have become one of the cooler stories in the 2019 NHL postseason.

After inexplicably sweeping the top-seeded Tampa Bay Lightning in the first round, the Jackets and the potty-mouthed  John Tortorella are looking to dispatch the Boston Bruins in round two.

Fortunately for Columbus, Sergei Bobrovsky is minding their net.

Quality goaltending can take you a long way in the NHL playoffs, and the Jackets are getting it from the bendy Bobrovsky.


While Sergei isn't always on top of his game, he's bringing the good stuff right now.

Just ask the Bruins, or specifically Patrice Bergeron.


Please enjoy the following sequence from OT in an eventual 3-2 double OT win for the Jackets that tied the series at one apiece.


That was some exquisite net coverage as Sergei denied the flummoxed Bergeron again and again and again.


Here's our guy discussing his performance afterwards.


Sergei politely explained that he won't put his saves in neat little boxes to accommodate the media.

Damn skippy.


The best of seven now moves to lovely Columbus for Game 3, so stay tuned.