The NHL Playoff Bubble Has Bored Tuukka Rask Into a State of Complete Honesty

Published on 15-Aug-2020 by Raoul Duke

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The NHL Playoff Bubble Has Bored Tuukka Rask Into a State of Complete Honesty

Under normal circumstances, the NHL post-season is delightfully entertaining, practically oozing drama-soaked Games 7 in every single round.

Sadly though, the modern day dystopia we find ourselves in isn't really conducive to this sort of hockey.

The grim alternative is being staged in a hermetically sealed bubble utterly devoid of fans or a pulse.

Of course, Gary Bettman would just assume not discuss this fact, but a hero by the name of Tuukka Rask didn't get that memo or possibly just doesn't care.



After Boston dropped a 3-2 decision to the Carolina Hurricanes in the first round of the playoffs, the Bruins' minder of nets got quite real with the media via Zoom:


The industry term for that spiel would be brutally honest.


Yep, dude absolutely compared this pseudo post-season to a series of exhibition games, a sentiment the league office and networks will surely have monogrammed on matching his-&-her commemorative towels as soon as possible.

But Tuukka was just getting warmed up.

Realizing he hadn't yet alienated his own fan base, the longtime B's goalie provided the following answer to a media query:


That cringe emoji has never been more appropriate.

Hey, let's see how a random sampling of Bruins ffaithful consumed these remarks, just for shits and giggles:



Golly gee, you think?


Andy is a man of few words.

And even his most ardent supporters are dubious:


Unfortunately for Douglas, context wasn't an issue.

Again, Rask seemed to know exactly what he was saying and how it would be received.

The crippling malaise of the bubble has consumed him completely.


Perhaps Tuukka will discuss his belief system, or lack thereof, after Game 3.