Skate Slash Puts 90 Stitches of Rip on Johnny Boychuk's Face

Published on 5-Mar-2020 by J Square Humboldt

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Skate Slash Puts 90 Stitches of Rip on Johnny Boychuk's Face

Fortunately, the list of accidents in sports that can be immediately life-threatening isn't a long one.

That doesn't make it any less ominous:

From that perspective, what happened to New York Islanders defenseman Johnny Boychuk during their game against Montréal was beyond scary:


Isles' GM -- and Prez of All Things Hockey -- Lou Lamoriello did the usual hockey thing and gave a hockey slant on the fact that Boychuk was damn lucky not to lose an eye:


Yesiree. They were small stitches.

Good to know that among the fans' well wishes, there were words of encouragement for the veteran blueliner's recovery:


Just as good to know dude's in fine spirits, as former Boston Bruin teammate Milan Lucic discovered:



Throughout his career, dude's never been afraid to go where angels fear to tread.

He's had his share of close calls, such as last season against the Toronto Maple Leafs when Mitch Marner's blade kicked up during a Boychuk check:



Just over a month prior to that, dude fearlessly stopped a New York Rangers' shot with his face:




It's just that every point counts if you wanna make the post-season and challenge for the Cup.

Dude might even be getting experience for a job after hockey:


If so, he's in the right place.

Until then, all anyone needs to know is Boychuk's a hockey player. Expect to see him in a rink near you.