Justin Faulk's Catch-&-Score Impresses Carolina Hurricanes

Published on 2-May-2019 by J Square Humboldt

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Justin Faulk's Catch-&-Score Impresses Carolina Hurricanes

Players who make it to the top of their sport are there due to athleticism that's usually pretty damn versatile.

On occasion, multi-sport skills figure into a game's action, which is how the Carolina Hurricanes' Justin Faulk wound up scoring a spectacular goal.

It turned out to be the one that sparked the 'Canes by breaking a 1-1 tie with the New York Islanders in Game 3 of their second round series that resulted in a 4-1 victory.


It's like the stars had aligned for Faulk, at long last.

A career Hurricane, that meant by definition that he'd never even had a sniff at the playoffs. Now that he's them, a goal on his stat sheet wouldn't go amiss, and his first one will be a fixture on hockey highlight videos.

Dude had just finishing doing penance in the penalty box, and when the door opened, it was clear the Islander defensemen had lost track of him. Big mistake, which led to a bigger opportunity:



Was there a Carolina Panthers scout in the crowd?

If so, Faulk mighta brought visions of sugarplums dancing in his head. Cam Newton can always use another target, and the skates would be a bonus.

Come to think of it, so would a stick, especially since the NFL figures its pass interference policy is fine as it is.


With the win, the 'Canes got to express their inner joy yet again and not give a rusty one what anyone thinks about it.


The 'Canes have now taken hockey breakaways to new heights.


Their task now is to reach those heights in the win column.

Against the Isles, they're doing a decent job of it on both counts.