John Tortorella Thinks Your Question Is Stupid

Published on 5-May-2019 by Raoul Duke

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John Tortorella Thinks Your Question Is Stupid

The NHL playoffs are a brutal gauntlet of highs and lows, for players, coaches, and fans alike.

For someone with as short of a fuse as Columbus Blue Jackets leader of men John Tortorella, this process can produce a maelstrom of emotions.

His Jackets lost an extremely tense Game 5 against the Bruins in Boston when their furious late rally fell just short, so Torts was predictably terse with the media afterwards.

Just listen to this delightful series of exchanges:


Torts sure does bring the party with him.


Post-game pressers are often filled with these types of silly rhetorical questions, and this one was no exception.

The only difference here is that Torts isn't shy about calling the media out on such nonsense.


Because there's most definitely such a thing as a stupid question.


In defense of the salty Torts, this 4-3 loss was absolute torture for the Jackets, particularly a third period that saw six goals between the two teams and several near misses from Columbus.


And of course, Coach also delivered that curt guarantee of victory in Game 6 back in Ohio.

While he does seem surly and confident, this tactic failed miserably just last season.


And the Bruins don't seem particularly concerned about it, either.


Playoff hockey really is the best.