Evander Kane Continues His Dysfunctional Relationship with Las Vegas

Published on 11-Nov-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Evander Kane Continues His Dysfunctional Relationship with Las Vegas

The lovable Evander Kane is still making friends and influencing people in the city of Las Vegas.

Of course, there was that fun disagreement with the Knights' Ryan Reaves.

You may recall this particular pile of shit being hurled into the fan during the 2019 playoffs, when the smack talk inevitably turned physical.

Here would be the exact moment:


Ah, memories.


The weirdness raged on during the preseason, when Kane became so irritated with another Vegas Golden Knight that he tangled with a particularly aggressive official:


But now it seems our volatile friend can't even enjoy some legal gaming in the city without pissing everyone off.

Well, the lovely Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas casino, anyway.

Apparently, while his Sharks were in town for the aforementioned playoff series with the Knights last season, Kane collected eight markers totaling $500,000 and has yet to pay it back.


While dude was able to avoid the wrath of Joe Pesci, he still has to deal with some pesky litigation. The casino has now filed a lawsuit against the 28-year-old Canadian seeking restitution.




Hmmm, this all sounds not good.



Indeed it is.