Well, It Turns Out That Ted Ginn Jr Isn't the Fastest Dude in the NFL

Published on 30-Jun-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Well, It Turns Out That Ted Ginn Jr Isn't the Fastest Dude in the NFL

If you've ever wondered what 40 yards of gold looks like, you're in luck.

Someone decided it'd be a good idea to have a bracket-style tournament to crown once and for all the fastest dude in the NFL.

They called this completely vital event 40 Yards of Gold and were somehow able to book the busy Chad Ochocinco as host.

Now obviously, Ted Ginn Jr of the New Orleans Saints was one of the 16 participants in the event, so the actual races should have been a mere formality based on the WR's previous public comments.


Indeed, Ginn is now officially not the fastest dude in the NFL, so we won't be seeing many public challenges from him in the future.

But if Teddy didn't win, who did?

Let's find out.


Ginn's Saints teammate Alvin Kamara was in the field also, but the Jets' Robby Anderson clearly wasn't impressed.


Yep, that was definitely a 40-yard dash.

We were under the impression that there was an elaborate scavenger hunt to find 40 separate pots of gold, but apparently this event was in fact just a series of brief sprints.


If there are no objections, we're just going to cut to the chase, quite literally.

Here's the epic final between the 49ers' Marquise Goodwin and the Panthers' Donte Jackson:


That's a lot of scratch, but more important than money is the prestigious title of NFL's fastest man, which Goodwin can lord over the rest of the league next season.


That tiger's probably already sick of hearing about it.