White Lightning Would Be More Than Happy to Race Ted Ginn Jr for $10,000

Published on 21-May-2019 by Raoul Duke

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White Lightning Would Be More Than Happy to Race Ted Ginn Jr for $10,000

During a recent interview with Bleacher Report, Ted Ginn Jr was asked about his super duper speed.

The New Orleans Saints WR was also goaded into making some bold claims, such as his desire to race anyone publicly for a minimum of 10K in cash and prizes.

Clearly, this exchange was light-hearted in nature and the figure was pulled out of the air arbitrarily, but the 34-year old Ginn did seem to believe what he was saying.

Here is the bold proclamation in question, which was part of a much longer interview session.


Whatever his motivation, the gauntlet was indeed tossed ...


... and almost immediately picked up, but not by a fellow NFL colleague.

Nope, it was a kid known in some circles as White Lightning who brazenly accepted the challenge.


Oh snap!


Yep, business is most definitely picking up now.

For those not in the know, Matthew Boling is a high school sprinter from Texas who's received quite a bit of press for running impossibly fast.


By the way, that white blur was apparently Boling.


That completely authentic footage was White Lightning clocking 9.98 seconds in the 100-meter dash, which is the silliest thing we've heard all week.

While Ginn is still one of the fastest dudes in the NFL -- even at his advanced age -- it's probably in his best interest that this race never happen.

Of course, it likely won't for any number of reasons, one being the fact that Boling may be running fast for the Georgia Bulldogs soon, which would place him directly under the purview of the evil NCAA.


Yes, student-athletes being compensated for their efforts would clearly signal the end of western civilization in its current form.

Anyway, Teddy could always respectfully decline.


Or just cheat gratuitously.