The Jacksonville Jaguars Release Living Legend Blake Bortles

Published on 13-Mar-2019 by Raoul Duke

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The Jacksonville Jaguars Release Living Legend Blake Bortles

Before we begin, let's have a respectful moment of silence for the career of Blake Bortles

There, that was cleansing.

After years of speculation and mediocrity, the Jacksonville Jaguars have signed Nick Foles and finally severed ties with their 2014 first-round pick.

Yes, somehow Bortles has only played five seasons.

It feels like so much longer.


While Bortles has stolen the hearts and minds of the fantasy football community over the years with his garbage-time heroics, he didn't really win all that many actual football games in the real world.

For the record, he got credit for 24 games in 73 starts.


Dude will be missed though, particularly in some zany corners of the Internet.


That math checks out.


Well, that we know of.


These fun Blake Bortles facts are brought to you by the brilliant Blake Bortles Facts Twitter account, which will bravely soldier on despite this shitty news.


We hope you're happy, Nick Foles.

Clearly, this is a very stressful time for many of us, but we must pick up the pieces and move on.


We can only hope that Bortles doesn't go home but somehow gets picked up by a truly desperate franchise with an opening in the clipboard department.

Just in case this doesn't happen though, let's have a look at our friend in action.


That's vintage Bortles right there.