Let's Pour One Out for Retirement Dude Josh McCown

Published on 22-Jun-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Let's Pour One Out for Retirement Dude Josh McCown

Carving out a career of any length in the NFL is impressive, regardless of context.

However, 16 seasons is just plain silly, especially if you possess a limited skill set.

This brings us to nomadic QB Josh McCown, who is finally walking away from his favorite game at almost 40 decrepit years of age.

The completely mediocre SMU and Sam Houston State product was selected by the Arizona Cardinals in the third round way the hell back in 2002.


McCown stayed in the desert for four seasons, which incredibly turned out to be his longest tenure at any NFL stop.

Yes, this is where his vagabond existence began in earnest, a journey that included two grim years in Cleveland during the Browns' prolonged epic fail.

Sadly, one of his 13 total games on the field there included this most unfortunate play, which is so very Browns:


However, McCown's career was far from a turd.

In fact, his best statistical season was in 2017 with the Jets at the age of 38.


See, that's pretty okay.


Again, just sticking around for that long will earn you mad respect, and McCown is getting much love from his peers.




You may have noticed the reference to ESPN in that last congratulatory tweet.

Indeed, like seemingly every retiring NFL player who can articulate a cogent thought, McCown is already confined to a Bristol studio analyzing football for money.


And speaking of money, McCown made just under $50million in the NFL.

This is some world we live in.