Hey, Let's Throw Another Log on the Cleveland Browns Failure Pile

Published on 31-Jan-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Hey, Let's Throw Another Log on the Cleveland Browns Failure Pile

Seemingly everyone has a story that sheds more light on the criminal levels of dysfunction within the Cleveland Browns organization.

Here's one from New Orleans Saints Pro Bowl defensive end Cameron Jordan, who shared a fun little draft anecdote from 'way back in 2011.

Suffice it to say, this tale doesn't reflect well on the Browns.

Just try to watch this without giggling:


That was Cam talking with Dan Patrick, whos pretty much incredulous after stumbling upon this gem.


Of course, the context of that discussion involved Cameron Jordan being confused with former TE Jordan Cameron, but they're still two completely different people.

Imagine the amount of drooling and incoherent mumbling that must've taken place in the Browns' draft war room as that phone call to Jordan was being placed.


That's right gang, full frontal lobotomies for everyone.

Indeed, the call was placed on the second day of the draft, after Cam had already been selected by the Saints in the first round the day before.


While NFL franchises have certainly experienced more public draft blunders, this was still a delightfully Browns thing to do.

Please stayed tuned for more tales of woe from the era of peak Browns ineptitude.

Apparently, dudes used to conduct draft strategy sessions from the sadness bowl.