ESPN Seems Confused about George Kittle's First Name

Published on 7-Apr-2019 by Raoul Duke

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ESPN Seems Confused about George Kittle's First Name

ESPN isn't exactly on top of its game these days.

While this usually involves Stephen A Smith committing one gratuitous mistake after another, there's also some sort of general malaise permeating the Mothership.

For example, the Bristol social media team recently asked the unwashed Facebook masses something about the best TE in the NFL. 

Of course, with Gronk formally retired and preparing to become the next Brian Bosworth in Hollywood, this is a perfectly reasonable query, with Travis Kelce and Zach Ertz being viable options.


Well, the question is clear enough, but the problem lies elsewhere.

Another possibility on the list was San Francisco 49ers TE George Kittle, a dude who put up some fairly sexy numbers in 2018.


However, he clearly didn't make much of an impression on the Worldwide Leader, as they mistook George for a fellow by the name of Greg Kittle.


Yeah, who exactly is this Greg Kittle character, and what has he done with George?


The real Kittle isn't the least bit threatened by the incompetence of ESPN, appearing on the NFL Network show Good Morning Football wearing a Greg nametag like he was at an identity theft support group meeting in a church basement.


That dude rules.


While this doesn't rise to the level of Stephen A buffoonery, maybe next time someone could proof that copy before posting.

Trevor Kelce and Ziggy Ertz would no doubt agree.