Darnold, Rosen Will Enter the Job Force This Spring

Published on 3-Jan-2018 by Alan Adamsson

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Darnold, Rosen Will Enter the Job Force This Spring

There's a veritable cornucopia of screwy things in the NFL, and the draft is one of them.

Not necessarily the way amateur players are dispersed to the clubs, but in the money that's doled out with it.

It's inherent. In a league where guaranteed money in contracts is optional, it's one of the few times players have any negotiating leverage.

And of course, they're unproven players at the pro level. It's like the old Holiday Express commercial campaign.

Even screwier is the NFL not having any semblance of a minor league aside from college football, which is just so wrong on so many counts.

Among them is they're actually different games, and there's no striation of ability levels in college like baseball's farm systems.

DeShone Kizer shoulda stayed another year at Notre Dame.

But when the NFL's draft report shows you're a cinch to be selected and, in his case, $2.9million in certain cash is dangled in front of him, what would you expect him or any other early-20s-something to do?

The same thing you'd expect Josh Rosen and Sam Darnold to do, not to mention Josh Allen?

So, let the overanalyzing begin:

The NFL could actually use a wave of new slingers with strong upside.

Here are the league's ten oldest starters:

Tom Brady NE 39   Ben Roethlisberger Pit 35
Drew Brees NO 38   Aaron Rodgers GB 33
Carson Palmer Arz 37   Alex Smith KC 33
Eli Manning NYG 36   Joe Flacco Bal 32
Philip Rivers LAC 35   Matt Ryan Atl 32

This could be why the underclassmen's pre-draft scouting grades were so optimistic about their chances.

Louisville's Lamar Jackson should join the party any day now, too.

Add the likes of Baker Mayfield, Mason Rudolph, and Luke Falk, and odds are somebody from this crop will become a stalwart in the NFL.

Hopefully, they'll all go to teams that give them a chance to mature before being tossed into the cauldron.

No matter what, though, they'll have a stash in their bank accounts.