Clay Matthews and His Agent Are Very Unhappy with Adam Schefter

Published on 11-Sep-2020 by Raoul Duke

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Clay Matthews and His Agent Are Very Unhappy with Adam Schefter

With this weird-ass NFL season firing up, teams are attempting to shore up their rosters and fill some holes.

As you may be aware, the Denver Broncos currently have a Von MIller-sized crater in the middle of their defense after an ankle injury suffered during a recent practice.

Of course, the Broncos immediately grabbed any and all electronic devices within reach to scour the free agent landscape for a replacement.

This is where Clay Matthews, Clay Matthews' agent, and Adam Schefter enter our story.


The aforementioned Schefter, whose position at ESPN demands he report on such things, released this little info nugget for public consumption:


We're not sure which connection amongst his vast web of NFL sources Adam tapped for this intel, but he got it from someone.

However, as you can see, his phrasing reeked of ambiguity:


No, that's not quite accurate.

Our point is that this statement can be interpreted any number of ways.

This is where Ryan Williams enters the fray.

And for whatever reason, here's what this professional agent had to say:


Yep, dude's bone of contention was the ludicrous belief that this negotiation would remain private.


Of course, he did also attempt to clarify the position of his client.

Then his client did the same:


Clearly, the former Packer and Ram isn't taking any shit from some ESPN lackey.

Finally, this brings us to the inevitable Schefter correction:


So there you go.

Matthews is willing to play this season, but on his own terms and when and where he damn well pleases.

We're going to sleep like babies tonight.