AFC Divisional: Chiefs Spot Texans 24 and then Blow 'Em Outta the Bracket

Published on 12-Jan-2020 by J Square Humboldt

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AFC Divisional: Chiefs Spot Texans 24 and then Blow 'Em Outta the Bracket

Legendary Greek philosopher Aristotle shoulda been covering Kansas City's dramatic 51-31 victory over the dazed Houston Texans.

Dude's opus, Poetics, is considered by many to be the birth of what's known to writers ever since as the three-act play.

Simply put, here's how that'd look from the Texans' point of view:

Conversely, just switch Acts 1 and 3 for the Chiefs' version of the game that sends them to the AFC Championship tilt for the second season in a row.

To say they did everything wrong in the first quarter is to bring a Geico commercial to life:


So how did Houston jump out to a 21-0 first-frame lead so quickly? Let us count the ways:

  • Deshaun Watson caps an opening drive by firing a 54-yard TD strike to Kenny Stills:


  • Lonnie Johnson Jr blocked the punt after Kansas City's first possession and took it to the house:



The bulk of Arrowhead Stadium was in shock.


Believe it or not, the turning point -- and the start of Act 2 -- was so incredibly self-inflicted, it was enough to think the Oilers' ghost and the 1992 season's Wild Card collapse still haunted the city of Houston.

Before the game, Texans coach Bill O'Brien said he didn't really want to punt to the dangerous Hill, but for chrissakes, he was already points to the good due to Hill's muffed catch that led to the scoop-&-score.

So this decision was bloody ridiculous:


Act 1 was the set-up. Act 2 was all about the challenge, and the Chiefs accepted it with ferocity.

As in six straight TDs in six straight possessions for a 41-point blitzkrieg.

The first four the result of Pat Mahomes II passes in the second quarter that turned a 24-0 deficit -- considering the circumstances -- into an unbelievable 28-24 halftime lead:



This is when confirmation came that karma had well and truly switched sides:


And Chiefs accept gift horses:


Then, for the coup de grace:


Vapor trails.


Lotsa records to keep the trivia geeks happy, but this is the big one:


And it went from there ...

It's set up a classic run-vs-pass matchup when the Titans come to town to decide who's going to Super Bowl LIV without having to buy a ticket.