The Miami Hurricanes Just Signed the Most Bitchin' Punter We've Ever Seen

Published on 9-Feb-2019 by Raoul Duke

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The Miami Hurricanes Just Signed the Most Bitchin' Punter We've Ever Seen

As a rule, punters usually don't ooze charisma or generate much excitement.

While there is the occasional Pat McAfee or Marquette King, these dudes typically aren't terribly interesting.

Of course, that was before the Miami Hurricanes signed junior college transfer Louis Hedley.

You may be wondering who the hell Louis Hedley is.


Well, he's quite simply the future of collegiate punting.

Hedley's from Australia, which is interesting in and of itself.

However, there is so much more.


Our new best bud used to play Australian Rules Football and once worked as a scaffolder, which sounds like lotsa fun.

Oh, and he's 26 years old and is heavily inked.

But you know what, let's meet him:


Yeah, that's not your garden variety punter right there.

Hedley's pretty fired up, but so is brand new 'Canes head coach Manny Diaz, who aggressively grabbed at the low-hanging fruit.


Yep, that's a kangaroo playing the guitar.

You know, because he's Australian.


We can play this game, too.

Something, something, dingo babies.

Here's dude in action 'way down under a few years back:


Well done, sir.

Anyway, everyone associated with the U seems to be into this signing.

Maybe this news will even cheer up the despondent Luther Campbell, whom the previous regime nearly killed.