The Insatiable Hugh Freeze Would Like You to Meet General Booty

Published on 27-Jan-2019 by Raoul Duke

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The Insatiable Hugh Freeze Would Like You to Meet General Booty

We can understand if you've withdrawn the name Hugh Freeze from your memory bank.

However, the dude who was asked to leave Ole Miss because of phone calls he placed to escort services from his school-issued work phone is back in business at a private Christian university by the name of Liberty.

And wouldn't you know it, the noted pervert is still getting his freak on, this time via the recruiting process.

Freeze is in the market for a QB to lead his Flames to independent FBS glory and may have just found his man.


But of course it is.


Dude simply can't help himself.

General Booty certainly does have the family pedigree going for him, as he is descended from a long line of college football-playing Bootys.

He also possesses an amazing sports name, in the same way that former MLB pitcher Dick Pole had an amazing sports name.


Sports history is an important distinction here.


Let's have a look at the kid in action:


That was Booty at the age of 13, well before he became a more seasoned General.

Freeze will have to control his urges for a while, as Booty is a member of the 2021 recruiting class.


The Flames are also reportedly looking hard at Major Juggs, a WR prospect from the Deep South.