More Silly Gibberish from That Complete Hack Stephen A Smith

Published on 9-Feb-2019 by Raoul Duke

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More Silly Gibberish from That Complete Hack Stephen A Smith

Obviously, it goes without saying that the ESPN morning show First Take isn't to be taken seriously.

However, many folks do seem to enjoy the shtick, which apparently requires nothing more than the ability to yell things that are wrong.

This brings us to the practiced buffoonery of one Stephen A Smith, who's been spewing more nonsense than usual recently.

Of course, who can possibly forget his incoherent Chargers report from back in December?


Sadly, this severed talking head is at it again, this time trying in vain to form a rational thought aboiut the NFL potential of Ohio State QB Dwayne Haskins.


Yep, he shared this opinion out loud in front of a camera.


The only conclusion you can draw from such a remark is that Stephen A Smith doesn't prepare at all before going on television and hasn't actually seen Haskins play football.

Well here you go, pal:


Yep, definitely more of a runner.


In case you were wondering, Haskins passed for 5396 yards in his two seasons with the Buckeyes.

Meanwhile, he ran for 194 yards.


The dude with the big arm did respond to this nonsense with a relatively gentle barb:


And here is Stephen A digging that hole even deeper:


There has to be some sorta gas leak in that studio.