Kliff Kingsbury Morphs from Fired College Coach to Desired NFL Coach

Published on 5-Jan-2019 by Alan Adamsson

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Kliff Kingsbury Morphs from Fired College Coach to Desired NFL Coach

Who knew Texas Tech's recently released HC would not only be hired as the OC at USC, he'd also become a VIP for NFL headhunters?

On top of that, who knew that a recently adopted NFL rule would keep him from testing those waters.

Seems like Kliff Kingsbury's coaching life is still plagued by the fact that he just can't get all the moving parts aligned in unison.


During Texas Tech's 2018 campaign, only once did the Red Raiders get held under double digits on offense. That was their 24-6 loss at Kansas State, and that's probably the game that did him in.

Well, that and the four games where Tech rolled up 30 or more points and lost.


Then again, dude is a notable member of the ever-blossoming Mike Leach coaching tree. Putting points on the board is his specialty.

And Kingsbury did put the shine on Patrick Mahomes II's skill set. Odds are that's a chief reason why NFL teams look at his career as a glass-half-full sorta thing.


So, as USC athletic director and football legend Lynn Swann looked at Kingsbury ...

  • If he had a more glamorous situation to enhance his recruiting pitch, and
  • If he didn't have to concern himself with annoying details like defense and special teams ...

Maybe ... just maybe ... he and his GQ image would be a perfect fit as OC for the Trojans.


Swann's so enamored with the idea -- and USC is so desperate to actually have an offense again -- that's he's not about to allow anyone to do a jenga on him.

Thus, when the NFL came calling to ask about having a chat with Kingsbury about bigger and better things, Swann went old-time acronym on them.


Anyone who wants to know what coaches are thinking and doing as they're thinking and doing it goes straight to Football Scoop.

Those dudes probably knew Dana Holgorsen was gonna leave West Virginia for Houston -- the Other Five strikes again! -- when he was still the OC there under Kevin Sumlin.

They're not only all over the fact that Kingsbury's considering buying out his own contract at USC, but that he was already reading the NFL tea leaves before he signed with the Trojans.


Kingsbury and his agent surely did their homework and are confident in a Plan B if he does bail on Swann and takes the NFL interviews.

This is the year for that sorta thinking, as a veritable army of NFL coaches got pink-slipped this month and before. Surely, one or two clubs have already worked the back-channels to the point that Kingsbury is virtually assured a soft landing should he not get the HC brass ring.


And don't think Swann's denying teams like the New York Jets and Arizona Cardinals just to be a bitch about it. His stance is a clear sign that Clay Helton's on a micro-short leash.

Long story short, despite recent history in Lubbock, this is a good time to be Kliff Kingsbury.

There's a qualifier, though. Not so long ago, it was a good time to be Chip Kelly.