Jayhawks' Les Miles Gets His Pooka Back

Published on 9-Jul-2019 by Alan Adamsson

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Jayhawks' Les Miles Gets His Pooka Back

For the last seven months, it looked like Kansas might have to go with an empty backfield for the upcoming season.

Well, Big XII-caliber empty, anyway.

But hell, when Pooka Williams punched his girlfriend in the gut last winter, maybe her knees buckled, but she never even hit the floor.

How, it may be asked, can a dude in a Power Five conference stay suspended for that?


So, roughly two months before the Jayhawks season kicks off, the Big XII Freshman Offensive Player of the Year has had his suspension lifted.

That's because dude signed a diversion agreement, which for all intents and purposes is a get back on the field free card by apologizing, taking a domestice violence course, and agreeing to do community service.


This isn't to say that people aren't entitled to second chances, because they obviously are.

It's just the timing that sucks.

Kinda like OK, do penance by working out on your own and re-join the program in time to be in shape for the season.


But, hey, it's Kansas.

Seems like they've learned something since they canned Mark Mangino back in 2009 for allegedly treating his players badly -- other players disagreed with that assessment -- but not as badly as Pooka treated his squeeze.

Jayhawk football's reverted to being crummy ever since, even occasionally finding themselves underdogs to FCS teams at home.


One reason they attracted Les Miles -- who was available because LSU's expectations are sky-high and his offensive creativity is too low -- is because it doesn't take much imagination to hand or flare the ball to Pooka 25-30 times a game.

Dude's the real deal:


It's interesting Pooka can do all that without any toes on his right foot, thanks to a lawn-mowing disaster when he was nine years old.

Now, all he has to do is lose that right jab and/or change sparring partners.


Dude's gonna miss the Jayhawks' first game against those fighting Indiana State Sycamores, so that one might still be close.

At least Miles will have him for the rest of the season and -- most importantly -- as a part of his recruiting message.

So, clearly, not having Pooka available would be a punch in the gut.