Finally, the Les Miles Challenger Movie Is about to Drop

Published on 31-Jan-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Finally, the Les Miles Challenger Movie Is about to Drop

Les Miles has always been delightfully peculiar, shaping and confusing young minds with his folksy brand of unconventional wisdom.

We were quite pleased when the longtime LSU head coach resurfaced in the barren wasteland that is Kansas football, accepting the impossible challenge of resurrecting the moribund Jayhawks program.

As wonderful and rife with possibility as this could be, there's another development that practically has us trembling with anticipation.

The Mad Hatter is in a movie.


And this isn't just a brief cameo as Security Guard No 3 or Random Passerby No 4.

Miles actually has a prominent speaking role.


Oh, but it gets better.

We just happen to have a trailer of The Challenger Disaster, which as the title would suggest, documents the 1986 Challenger disaster.


Holy hell, that was intense.


Okay, so it's not the late Robert Loggia intense, but the Hat is getting the job done here.


We can only hope he has a scene or two with the magnificent Dean Cain, who appears to have had some significant facial reconstruction work done since those TV Superman salad days.


Les would've owned that scene.

A cursory glance at the IMDB page of actor/college football coach Les Miles reveals previous credits as Oklahoma Scout No 1 and Uniformed Officer, but he's also got two other projects in the pipeline for 2019.

However, the role of Nelson in The Challenger Disaster is his meatiest yet, actually featuring his name on the poster.

While we wish the Mad Hatter luck with his side gig, we still prefer him in his more familiar element.


That is pure gold.