While the Brow Plots a Trade, Porziņģis Takes Action

Published on 1-Feb-2019 by Biff BoJock

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While the Brow Plots a Trade, Porziņģis Takes Action

The New York Knicks rarely deserve sympathy, but spare a millisecond for one anyway.

  • When Phil Jackson selected a lanky Latvian with the No 4 overall selection in the 2015 draft, Knicks fans in attendance rained Bronx cheers down upon him in torrents.
  • Now that Kristaps Porziņģis has successfully forced a trade, expect Knicks fans to rain Bronx cheers down upon a front office and ownership for accommodating him.

At least the suits are used to it.


Well, yeah ... whether or not they were born outta wedlock.

While Anthony Davis has fallen under the spell of LeBron James -- and why wouldn't he? -- it seems Kristaps took that situation as an inspiration, marched into the team's offices, demanded a trade, and got it.


Odds are strong this broad-daylight robbery has made rookie sensation Luka Dončić a very happy Slovenian.

This will involve Porzi ņģis staying in one piece for large stretches of games, but if he does ...


Given only five players on a court at one time, basketball's obviously fertile ground for superteam formation. It's where big brand names fancy themselves as power brokers, and being real, it works.

Always has.


Always will.


And those are just the bookends, sandwiching the likes of the Jordan Bulls and Showtime, as well as kinda-dynasties like the Bad Boys, 3-Heat, and so on.

The process may be more overt now, but there's still the possibility that a superteam could be forming under the radar.

With Porziņģis joining Dončić, if another top young talent can be corraled, watch out for the Mavericks.