This Week in NBA Fan Drunken Disorderly Conduct

Published on 3-Feb-2019 by Raoul Duke

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This Week in NBA Fan Drunken Disorderly Conduct

In many instances, the action in the stands at a professional sporting event is far more entertaining than the actual product on the field or court.

Without question, this was the case recently in Miami as the Heat played some version of basketball against the impossibly shitty Chicago Bulls.

One fan in particular was having a rough evening up there in the lower bowl of American Airlines Arena.

Meet Adrain Mato.


Well, he was on this fateful night, a fact that an entire section of fans and a handful of cops can confirm.

Let's have a look at Mr Mato as he makes friends and influences people at a basketball game:


That was ... interesting.


There's much to unpack from that bad scene, including the poor woman desperately trying to diffuse the situation, ultimately in vain.

The slow build finally paid off toward the end of the clip when this deranged fan and the two rent-a-cops tasked with subduing him tumbled about four or five rows down, clearing out most of the section in the process.

This was even better than most bum fights you may come across on the street.


Sadly, these fans seemed to welcome the distraction, as the Heat decided not to show up in an embarrassing 105-89 home loss to Chicago.

Anyway, our Spanish-speaking friend was apparently on vacation in Miami, but we can only assume that a night in Dade County jail wasn't on the trip agenda.

While this footage is pretty damning for Mr Mato, it's far from the most humiliating thing ever captured on video.


Yeah, that's probably worse.