Angry White Dude: They Can't, They Just Can't. But They Did

Published on 21-May-2019 by Larry Cory

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Angry White Dude: They Can't, They Just Can't. But They Did

When last we graced these pages, I was on a totally justified jag about how every stupid person who gets paid to talk about sports -- I dont know why or how -- all told us that Golden State could  not beat Houston without Kevin Durant or Boogie Cousins.

But they did!  In Houston.

Go figure.


Then the talk started about how tough the Portland series was going to be.

This was gonna be the end for the Golden State. No KD; no Boogie.

Matter of fact, most say that KD will not even be playing in Golden State next year.  No 3-peat for sure, no way they can win.

They did.


Not only did they win the series, they swept Portland right into the off-season.

I didn't even mention that André Iguodola was hobbled the entire series.

Did I miss something here? When did the Trail Blazers become Bill Russell's Celtics?


And yet, those TV people spent each post-game figuring they've got to be right.

Portland has too much pride to just lay down in a Game 4 at home.  There will be a Game 5. Really? 

Dudes get paid to talk about sports on TV and radio?


Talk has already started that no matter who Golden State faces in the finals, there's no way they win unless KD is back.

They're preaching it right now on TV as I type this story.

But, wait just a 3-peatin' minute. Aren't these the same fools who said last summer that Tom Brady was too old, had fallen off a cliff, and the Patriots would never win another Super Bowl?


Well, I'll be John Brown. They couldn't. They just couldn't.

But they did!