Angry White Dude: Sportstalk Predictors Are Beyond Stupid

Published on 11-May-2019 by Larry Cory

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Angry White Dude: Sportstalk Predictors Are Beyond Stupid

Maybe I should just switch to mainlining heroin.

Why do so many of us waste our time with sports talk shows?

We know why they're there and doing what they're doing. Their shows are so much cheaper to produce than actual sporting events.

And the more they piss us off, the more we're drawn to them like bugs to ultraviolet light.


The talking heads on those shows have made a cottage industry out of telling us what's going to happen.

I'm not really sure why we care what people think is going to happen, unless maybe they're some of Bovada's customers, of course.

Anyway, allow me to tell you what did happen. Not one person who I had a chance to listen to this week said that Golden State was going to win last night. Nobody had the balls say it.


Golden State just didn't have a shot. Kevin Durant was lost, the team was short on depth, they were too old.


The Dubs were NBA champs before KD got there. In case anyone forgot, which these dudes conveniently did, the Warriors sent them a reminder last night.


Yup. Golden State goes into Houston and knocks off the Rockets on their home floor,118-113, and now they advance to the conference finals. 

Steph Curry drops in 23 points in the final quarter after being held scoreless in teh entire first half! Golden State will now continue to seek their third straight NBA championship.

What do James Harden and the Rockets do now? Losers again!

Here's a thought: Become the Supremes instead of Diana Ross and the Supremes, if you get my drift.


That's right. One microphone.

Dude could also learn that there are two ends to a basketball court. It'd come in handy every now and then ... like when they're playing the Warriors.

The Dubs know how to win. After losing to them in the post-season four times in the past five years, there's got to be a lesson in there somewhere.


What do the sports talk addicts do now? I can help you with that, as well.

Stop listening to Steven A, Golic & Wingo, PTI, The Herd, and whatever other so-called on-air personalities you're comsumed with.

In other words, stop worrying about what someone thinks might happen.

They don't know. They're shallow blowhards, which makes them stupid.