The Milwaukee Bucks Just Made Paul Pierce Look Awfully Silly

Published on 11-May-2019 by Raoul Duke

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The Milwaukee Bucks Just Made Paul Pierce Look Awfully Silly

The Milwaukee Bucks just finished a complete and somewhat surprising evisceration of the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference semi-finals.

In the process, Giannis Antetokounmpo and his supporting cast forcibly inserted Paul Pierce's foot into his gaping maw of a mouth.

If you recall, the ESPN analyst was feeling pretty good about his former team's chances to advance after the Celtics blew the doors off the Bucks on the road in Game 1.

In fact, he was even compelled to call the best-of-seven series after this one game.


But Paul, it's one bloody game.


Presumably, Pierce is aware that his deranged takes on NBA basketball are recorded and can be replayed ad nauseam to make him look foolish.

But the 19-year veteran also experienced enough post-season basketball to understand that this is a game of adjustments, and one game means next to nothing in the context of a seven-game series.

However, Pierce instead chose this hill to die on.


Of course, since the Mothership is filled to capacity with bad-take artists, maybe he was just trying to fit in.

Anyway, the Bucks are certainly not above a good troll job, so they decided to poke the beleaguered Pierce with sharp sticks after polishing off the Celtics in five games.


That was exquisite.

Their enthusiastic fan base also took a turn.


Indeed, there are consequences to our actions in this life, but Double-P remained defiant despite being tormented by his giddy colleagues.


In addition to making Pierce belligerent, those pretzels are also making us thirsty.


For future reference, you should never count out the team with the best player on the floor, particularly after one game.


Yep, that would be the Freak.