The Celtics Just Drafted a Devout Round-Earth Truther

Published on 23-Jun-2019 by Raoul Duke

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The Celtics Just Drafted a Devout Round-Earth Truther

The Boston Celtics are in a state of transition after their seemingly decades-long plan to acquire Anthony Davis exploded in the trembling hands of Danny Ainge.

Apparently, part of this new direction is an organizational effort to embrace legitimate science while avoiding alternative theories.

For example, there was that whole flat-earth thing that somehow gained a foothold thanks in part to the dedicated efforts of pseudo-scientist Kyrie Irving.


With their first-round pick in the recently completed NBA Draft, the Celtics appear to have gone out of their way to offend their disgruntled point guard.

Boston selected Grant Williams out of Tennessee, a dude who firmly believes that the Earth is as round as the ball he handles so well.


Yeah, this is definitely one of those oil-&-vinegar situations.

Williams has even gone on the record with his controversial beliefs that are firmly rooted in reality:


You know, dude might be on to something here.


Kyrie has proven to be somewhat flexible in these matters, but he's already got one foot out the door and Boston doesn't seem to be his bag, anyway.

Meanwhile, the Celtics are getting a NASA-influenced forward who can really ball.


Now that's the truth.