The Brow's Off to a Good Start as the Pelicans' First-Ever Zombie Player

Published on 9-Feb-2019 by Biff BoJock

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The Brow's Off to a Good Start as the Pelicans' First-Ever Zombie Player

There's jilted, and then there's revenge porn jilted.

The New Orleans Pelicans do it well.

They were ready to park Anthony Davis's patootie -- and this season's $25,434,263 salary that goes with it -- for the balance of the season because they don't care to recognize that the term it's a business cuts both ways.


Dude wants outta the Crescent City, and they're not about to accept the perceived slight.

The combination of LeBron James doing his recruiting thing and the Pelicans hitting turbulence in their schedule clearly gave Davis pause to wonder what he could do on a contender.


Meanwhile, with a Davis-free roster, Pelicans management gave their pause to consider that a the NBA's allegedly anti-tanking draft rule -- the four lousiest records have an equal shot at the No 1 overall pick -- might actually be their salvation.

The challenge for New Orleans is they'd have to tank with veterans. Their competitors -- Cleveland, Atlanta, and Phoenix -- can depend on rookie incompetence.


Trying to bench The Brow was a good way to start.

But then the NBA interfered, threatening the Pels with that pesky rest rule, where they could dock the club $100,000 for sitting a healthy star.

Maybe the Minnesota Timberwolves shoulda volunteered to chip in. Even with New Orleans benching Davis in the fourth quarter to contemplate being removed from the team hype video, they managed a 122-117 win:


Much was made about the fact that seemingly-betrayed Pelican fans booed Davis throughout the game.

What game were those reporters watching? This wasn't a Saints game, for chrissakes.


The smattering of dissent probably came from those few who read the papers down there.

Everyone else understands why Chris Paul wanted out and don't begrudge Davis an opportunity to improve his professional experience.

Still, it doesn't really matter what anyone thinks anymore. This saga's already been written.

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