Markelle Fultz Remains Hopelessly Broken

Published on 17-Nov-2018 by Raoul Duke

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Markelle Fultz Remains Hopelessly Broken

Free throw shooting is a beautiful art form when executed properly.

However, when Markelle Fultz is involved, it becomes interpretive performance art.

The Sixers' former top pick is still enveloped by darkness, rendering his shooting form a quivering mess.

Recently, he's been behaving even more erratically than usual at the line.

Here's a dubious attempt from the previous week:


Bonus points for making Kawhi Leonard chuckle.

Who the troubled Fultz was attempting to dupe with that pump fake is anyone's guess.

But wait, there's more:


So that's why they call it the charity stripe.


That video wasn't altered in any way, as Fultz was really juggling the ball before shooting.

It's actually quite impressive that dude was able to sink the first one, considering his impossibly poor form.


Not to pile on, but here's some more video evidence of his doomed game:

Here's hoping things get better for Fultz soon.

Maybe the NBA would let him punt that thing up there.