Kyrie Irving Doesn't Care About Your Trite Holiday Traditions

Published on 22-Nov-2018 by Raoul Duke

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Kyrie Irving Doesn't Care About Your Trite Holiday Traditions

Kyrie Irving has voiced his opinion on a wide array of subjects over the years, including the heated flat earth debate.

In keeping with tradition, the Boston Celtics point guard -- and box office crotchety old man -- has now provided us with more fodder this holiday season.

After an inexplicable Thanksgiving Eve home loss to the miserable New York Knicks, Irving was in a bit of a mood in the glum Boston locker room.

When a reporter had the audacity to wish Uncle Drew a Happy Turkey Day, our hero gave us the true reason for the season.


Well, not a reason per se.


Irving elaborated further, explaining that he doesn't celebrate that shit.

Fair enough, dude.

Here's some context, though.


You see, his late mother was from the tribe mentioned above, so this Native American heritage might make him justifiably sensitive toward the holiday in question.


Despite being on the right side of the argument, Kyrie felt compelled to apologize for the language.



Crisis averted.


Maybe Kyrie just wants to hang out with his old man.


There's a generous helping of tradition for you.