Kevin Durant Spends Some Quality Time with the Media

Published on 9-Feb-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Kevin Durant Spends Some Quality Time with the Media

If there was an award for grumpiest professional athlete, Kevin Durant would be ascending the podium as we speak.

Of course, he probably wouldn't take any questions afterwards.

With free agency looming, the Warriors stud has been predictably inundated with questions on the subject, a reality that has produced a seething resentment towards the media.

Here's a recent session that quickly turned contentious:


Hmmm, that went well.


There seems to be some trust issues at play here.

We know this because Durant literally said he doesn't trust the media.

While dude makes some good points, it's simply unrealistic for him to expect to just go to the gym and then go home.

The Slim Reaper has been around long enough to understand how this process works, as his pending free agency is obviously going to be discussed ad nauseum.


Also, it bears mentioning that Durant is quite possibly the most sensitive professional athlete on Earth.

In addition, for someone who claims to have no interest in this nonsense, our thin-skinned friend seems to spend an awful amount of time on the Twitters.


Anyway, there's much speculation regarding the New York Knicks as a likely destination for Durant, as his distaste for the media will conform nicely with the paranoid delusions of Knicks owner James Dolan.


His business and basketball instincts are also pretty shitty.