Joel Embiid Does That Broad Street Bully Thing to Karl-Anthony Towns

Published on 4-Nov-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Joel Embiid Does That Broad Street Bully Thing to Karl-Anthony Towns

The young NBA season recently produced an actual fight on the court, as opposed to the typical harmless posturing we're usually forced to endure.

And this one was quite the doozy.

The brief but memorable encounter featured Karl-Anthony Towns and Joel Embiid, the latter providing much of the entertainment value.

A garden-variety regular season game between the Sixers and Wolves suddenly morphed into bloodsport for no apparent reason.


It's unclear who owed who what, but that shit escalated very quickly:


Well played, ESPN's Rachel Nichols.


There were certainly lots of things happening all at once, including Ben Simmons literally making the large KAT tap out with a fine submission maneuver:


It appears they may have exceeded the limit for assistant coaches on the floor at one time.

And just look at brave Sixers head coach Brett Brown channeling his inner Jeff van Gundy:


Here's the commercially savvy Embiid afterwards waxing poetic:


Yeah, the eye gouge was a pretty convincing clue.

Dude even endeared himself further to the city of Brotherly Love:


Unfortunately, this type of behavior does come with consequences:


Apparently, Adam Silver doesn't want to piss off Simmons.