Jimmy Butler Seems Eager to Please in Miami

Published on 5-Oct-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Jimmy Butler Seems Eager to Please in Miami

Well, the Jimmy Butler era in Miami has gotten off to a promising start.

It's always encouraging when a player is looking forward to practice, so Jimmy's already ahead of the curve.

The mercurial swingman reported for duty at 3:30am on the first day of Heat training camp.

For a little perspective, the players didn't need to be there until 10:00am.


Clearly, most folks would prefer to sleep in, but not Jimmy, who's been working out super-early for the past month, anyway.

And just so you know, dude still takes practice very seriously:


That's so Jimmy.


While clearly still a madman, we can only assume Butler has mellowed somewhat since his T-Wolves days:


He's definitely saying all the right things so far.


And his new teammates are apparently digging that famous work ethic.

However, we're honestly a little concerned about some of these dudes:


Homie don't play.