In Case Anyone Had Forgotten, Grayson Allen is Still a Low-Rent Thug

Published on 14-Jul-2019 by Raoul Duke

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In Case Anyone Had Forgotten, Grayson Allen is Still a Low-Rent Thug

In a nation that has never been more divided, we can all agree on at least one thing.

If you guessed Grayson Allen is a complete hack, then you win the home version of our game.

The former Duke and Utah Jazz manchild is still doing his petulant bully act, yet again using the NBA Summer League as a forum for his nonsense.

Unfortunately for the Memphis Grizzlies, Allen is now representing their organization after the Mike Conley trade, so they were no doubt beaming with pride after the following sequence against the Boston Celtics.


Audible sigh.


It really isn't, butdude's goon portfolio at both the college and professional level has been well-lamented.

For reasons passing understanding, Allen is still employed as a professional basketball player, providing a skill set that appears to consist entirely of missed free throws and defensive butchery.


The ESPN broadcast duo has certainly had enough of this tired routine, as they pretty much trashed him for the entirety of the above clip, even advocating for his removal from the game to the official.

Allen was finally asked to leave, much to the bemusement of everyone in attendance, including the victimized Grant Williams.

Normally, we would suggest some sort of intervention, but this dude is probably beyond rehabilitation at this point and we don't really care enough about it, anyway.


Of course, the real culprit is the infallible Coach K, who enabled this bullshit at Duke.


They really do deserve each other.