Gregg Popovich Sets a Land Speed Record for NBA Coaching Ejections

Published on 5-Apr-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Gregg Popovich Sets a Land Speed Record for NBA Coaching Ejections

As minted NBA royalty, Gregg Popovich enjoys a certain elite status, meaning he can basically do whatever the hell he pleases.

For example, if the longtime San Antonio Spurs head coach wants to call a timeout 16 seconds into a game, he will do so.

Or he may just lose his shit and get tossed after 63 seconds, which is really hard to do when you think about it.

However, Pop made it look easy:


Yep, that's exactly how you get ejected from a game before your team actually scores.


While the five-time NBA champ was clearly not in the best of moods in the moment, he had lightened up significantly by the end of the Nuggets' 113-85 evisceration of his Spurs.


Similar to Denver head coach Michael Malone, we're also struggling to describe that delightful post-game improvisational comedy routine.

In addition, you may have noticed how Pop got surly with that reporter when he asked about the ejection.

Dude's a national treasure, as he can turn it on and off with the poise and grace of a ballet company.


Actually, Uncle Pop has been pretty on-edge lately with his Spurs battling for playoff seeding, as he was also asked to leave the previous game in a home loss to the Sacramento Kings:


In his defense, that was some pretty horrific officiating.

Coach did wait until the third quarter, though, so that was sweet.