Allen Iverson Wants Some Answers from Bleacher Report

Published on 2-Oct-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Allen Iverson Wants Some Answers from Bleacher Report

You show us a completely subjective list of all-time greatest players in any sport, and we'll show you a pissed off current or former athlete.

In an apparent effort to fill space and stimulate pointless debate, Bleacher Report has unveiled its much anticipated NBA All-Time Top 50 list.

Well, mission accomplished.

While we can pick this list apart until the locusts come, there was one glaring omission to these arbitrary rankings that merits conversation.


That's right, Allen Iverson has been disrespected.

Of course, The Answer wasn't laughing after skimming this list and finding his name in the honorable mentions section:


He's certainly got a point about Kobe:


But back to the former Sixer.

For a little context, Pao Gasol checked in at No 46 on the list:


That's so very wrong.


The Internet quickly came to the rescue:




That stat alone should put Iverson in the Top 25.

Maybe if he'd just taken practice a bit more seriously.


That simply never gets old.