Danica Patrick Is Fired Up Yet Again

Published on 12-Aug-2017 by Raoul Duke

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Danica Patrick Is Fired Up Yet Again

Danica Patrick isn't exactly shy about speaking her mind.

Sometimes, her complaining is justified, while other times it comes off as hostile or condescending.

Recently, at something called the I Love New York 355, her venom was righteous and directed at the lovable Kyle Busch.

It appears the Bill Laimbeer of NASCAR was keeping busy during the race, apparently nudging Patrick from behind on a turn and causing her to spin out.

She was less than pleased.

Just lovely.

Now, profanity is a time-honored NASCAR staple, but it's somehow more entertaining when provided by Patrick.

Of course, her sentiment was absolutely correct.

There are myriad reasons to hate Kyle Busch.

Twitter leapt to the defense of the lady driver:

Perhaps that could be the undercard for Mayweather vs McGregor.

As if upsetting Danica wasn't bad enough, Busch antagonized yet another driver earlier in the race.

Here's more profanity-laced audio:

Apparently, it's cool to threaten the lives of drivers during a race these days.

Busch was somewhat animated afterwards:

So much drama.

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