The Impulsive Angel Hernández is Already in Mid-Season Form

Published on 15-Mar-2019 by Raoul Duke

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The Impulsive Angel Hernández is Already in Mid-Season Form

While many folks begin to mellow with age, Ángel Hernández just seems to grow more bitter as the years advance.

The extremely unpopular MLB veteran umpire doesn't appear to distinguish Spring Training from the regular season, displaying his trademark pissy attitude whether the outcome of the game matters or not.

Hernández was working the plate recently during an Astros-Cardinals split-squad game when his hook started to get a little itchy.

As a result, Houston manager AJ Hinch was ejected from this pointless exhibition game in the first inning while still in his dugout.


We're afraid so.

If you don't believe us, here's some raw footage captured for posterity.


While it's forbidden to argue balls and strikes, Ángel could've maybe shown some restraint.

Besides, his strike zone is egregiously inconsistent, a fact that even children can easily decipher.


Hinch had taken exception to the strike zone in the top of the first, so when the Cards got a called strike in the bottom of the frame, he objected strenuously.


Afterwards, he elaborated further:


And further still:


Hmmm, it appears that Hernández has gifted himself four mulligans per game.

Apparently, on this particular day he decided to take all four of them in the first inning.


Anyway, make sure to look for our avenging Ángel behind home plate at a ballpark near you.


Even Joe West is somewhere pulling his cowboy hat over his eyes in disgust.