Tanner Roark Just Got Traded at an Arby's

Published on 3-Aug-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Tanner Roark Just Got Traded at an Arby's

The MLB trade deadline is an interesting time for fans and media alike, but the players themselves are really put through the ringer.

This tension-soaked meatgrinder also features some pretty weird shit on occasion, and the 2019 edition was no exception.

Take the curious case of Tanner Roark, who used to pitch for the Cincinnati Reds until very recently.

Our good buddy was driving to Atlanta for the Reds' next series when he stopped off for some Arby's.


We can't confirm the identity of that fella, but Roark was just as hungry, reportedly ordering a beef and cheddar with a side of curly fries.

And there's not one damn thing wrong with that.


Anyway, Roark was informed of this news in the midst of his fast food bliss.


No, the brand new A probably won't be driving to Oakland, but at least he was able to enjoy his delicious, piping hot Arby's.


We assume he did, although the fast food behemoth seemed pretty concerned about the whole thing.


That's sweet.


Of course, let's not confuse the actual Arby's with Nihilist Arby's, which is a completely different entity and a bit more fatalistic.


Whoa, that's really dark.