Someone Named Jayce Tingler Is the New San Diego Padres Manager

Published on 5-Nov-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Someone Named Jayce Tingler Is the New San Diego Padres Manager

The days of the expensive celebrity manager in MLB are basically over, with the trend in recent years to hire young former ballplayers on the cheap.

Always on the cutting edge of such things, the San Diego Padres have taken this trend and ran with it, adding obscure to the list of criteria.

The Friars have chosen a fellow by the name of Jayce Tingler to replace the universally respected Andy Green and boldly lead them to the promised land

If you guessed this particular dude would secure the position, you're completely full of shit.


The suggestively named Tingler never made the Show as a player, topping out at Double-A.

He's spend his entire career since then in the Texas Rangers organization in various roles, including quite a bit of time in the Dominican Republic before spending the bulk of the last three seasons in the front office.

You're probably beginning to see why the Padres consider this to be such a dynamic hire.


Maybe if we listen to the man, it might begin to make some sense:




That is a pretty radical hat, though.

The bilingual Tingler is already energizing the fanbase:



Hopefully we'll find out why Tingler was named after a futuristic sex toy before Spring Training begins.