Lance Lynn and a Home Plate Umpire Struggle to Make Conversation

Published on 5-Sep-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Lance Lynn and a Home Plate Umpire Struggle to Make Conversation

Pitchers and home plate umpires tend to have fairly complicated relationships, even when the lines of communication are open.

However, when these lines are distorted, things sometimes break down.

This is precisely what happened last night in the Bronx.

Texas Rangers starter Lance Lynn ground out five innings in a 4-1 loss to the Yankees, without much help from home plate umpire Will Little.


But it wasn't an inconsistent strike zone that was causing the disconnect.

Instead, it was more a question of pacing, as the switch-hitting Lynn was trying to work quickly.

However, Little was keeping a different schedule, courtesy of an unusual ball replacement system.


Well, perhaps this will illuminate you:


Thanks as always to the fine folks at Jomboy Media for the distillation of that confusing exchange.

Not only is it terribly wasteful to plow through all of those baseballs, Little's ball removal strategy slows down an already slow game.

The portly Lynn concurs:


Hopefully, these two dudes can get on the same page next time.

Meanwhile, Lynn was finally able to catch that flight out of New York.