Joe Musgrove Just Gave His Cleats to a Lucky Fan

Published on 26-Sep-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Joe Musgrove Just Gave His Cleats to a Lucky Fan

Most baseball fans attend an MLB game with the hopes of leaving with a souvenir of some kind.

This is almost without exception an actual baseball, either caught by the fan or gifted by a friendly ballplayer.

Apparently, Joe Musgrove sees things differently.

The Pirates starter likes to get creative with his fan interaction.


Well, he provided one in tonight's home start against the Cubs.

After Joe was removed from the game, he had an intimate exchange with a Bucs enthusiast:


While the hug was certainly special, a pair of game-worn cleats is something else all together.

There's an underground market for unusual memorabilia if you know where to look.


Of course, we shouldn't assume that this particular fan wants to profit from the generosity of Musgrove.

It's the experience that will be cherished forever.


When you consider that there were maybe a couple hundred people at the game anyway, the odds were pretty decent that dude would leave with something.