Giants Mop Up Sloppy Nats to Gain NLCS Again

Published on 8-Oct-2014 by Spock1

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Giants Mop Up Sloppy Nats to Gain NLCS Again

Granted, the Washington Nationals are a great ball club, in the regular season.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have a totally cool logo and a very solid team, from April to September.

The Los Angeles Dodgers broke the bank for a lot of little piggies that had cast all their pearls by season's end and so never made it to the other end of the market.

But the San Francisco Giants are riding an unprecedented wave of groovy San Francisco baseball karma.

Remember all of those Dodgers' World Series triumphs? Well, you can be excused if you don't. It's been quite a while since dem Bums won the World Series. Try 1988. Guess they broke the mold after Kirk Gibson.

Pitcher perfect

It is so tempting as a Giants fan to rejoice over the downfall of the Dodgers. But here's to encourage Giants fans about keeping their eyes on the prize. Giants fans must remain focused. Because their earnest concentration and support are needed by the Orange & Black if the Giants are to fulfill their ultimate destiny in establishing the new baseball world order.

Come to think of it, the current world order in the NL is all Giants and Cardinals, isn't it? They've been the Senior Circuit's World Series reps for the last four years. And 2014 makes it five in a row.

Pence saves the day and a yucky red-eye to DC.

Yesterday's developments made for a Giant fan's 2-for-1 celebration, just like in 2012. If Giants fans can just stick to thinking happy Giants thoughts -- rather than mean-spirited unsportsmanlike derision of Los Angeles attitudes -- then and only then can they be the shining example of team play and unselfishness that will merit them a Chia Pet under the tree this year.

Giants never stop believing.

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