Enrique Hernández Dedicates His Late Inning Homer to a Group of Drunken Bros

Published on 29-Jun-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Enrique Hernández Dedicates His Late Inning Homer to a Group of Drunken Bros

Let's all take a moment to thank Enrique Hernández for his important contribution to MLB.

The Dodgers' utility dude was in the on-deck circle very late in Colorado when a bushel of twenty-something brosephs decided to start giving him shit.

Of course, this douchebag delegacy had been screwing with all of the Dodgers for most of the evening from their choice seats but were still going strong in the top of the ninth.

The Alpha Betas really saved their best material for Kiki, reaching for the low-hanging fruit of his diminutive 5-11 frame.


Hernández was having none of this though, deciding to provide a template for how all present and future ballplayers should handle such treatment.


Kiki for the win!


While this three-run jack extended the Dodgers' lead to 12-8, the bomb and the vindictive kisses also served as a stinging rebuke to everything these broheims represent.

Or it should have been.


That's right, Scoob, these dudes actually enjoyed being ridiculed by Hernández.

It's almost as if they were trolling all night just to be acknowledged by any player, and Kiki obliged them, somehow enabling the behavior.

On second thought, maybe this wasn't such a good idea.


Anyway, this performance-based trolling can certainly be a useful club in the bag of any ballplayer looking to engage unruly fans.


As you can see, Joey Votto uses different methods.